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As we teach computer science and robotics, we equip young minds with the skills to think critically, solve problems logically and imagine endless possibilities. Serving as an educational incubator, we allow enthusiasts the time and opportunity to design and develop their best ideas into viable solutions; mentoring and providing funding to bring ideas to the market. In addition to being an afterschool and weekend teaching facility, iCode offers a monthly speaker series hosted by leading executives and entrepreneurs from technology companies and Friday evening socials with game jams and competitions. Visit our state-of-the-art facility to learn more about our programs.

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Come work with us. We seek enthusiastic educators who share in our vision and are ready to make a difference. The right candidate will not only have the opportunity to teach but be a part of a team, designing, developing, brainstorming and launching amazing ideas.

Currently looking for candidates with the following skills:

Game & App Development

CS Graduates or Post Graduates in App & Game Development for both IOS and Android platforms with knowledge of gaming patterns and algorithms.

Computer Animation Development

Graduates and Post Graduates in CS or Fine Arts for Computer Animation Development. Should know Python, Javascript, Java. Knowledge of animation tools is a plus.


CS Graduates or Post Graduates with experience or coursework and thesis in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, micro-controllers & OOP.


Embedded SW Development

EE or CS Graduates or post Graduates in Embedded SW development with solid concepts in Operating System Concepts, OOP (C++) & Micro-processors. Projects on Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards and knowledge of Alice is a plus.

Front & Back-End Web Development

CS Graduates or Post Graduates with skills in front & back end Web Development, DBMS, Java, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, Python. Experience with Javascript framework and libraries such as AngularJS, NodeJS is a plus.



iCode is fertile soil for entrepreneurial roots to spread and deepen. A forum for tech-industry leaders to expound on what they’ve learned and fascinate the achievers of tomorrow.

We team up with industry experts, non-profit organizations, and individuals in fields such as Embedded, App, Animation, Web, Robotics, and Game Development.  They help us expand our curriculum and provide opportunities for our students to collaborate on real-world projects.

We give back to our communities by building community projects at iCode and by donating a percentage of proceeds to STEM-based organizations with whom we partner.

Scholarship Program

iCode is all about giving; giving skills, giving perspective, giving a higher plane of education. But we don’t stop there.

Our scholarship fund promotes the education of computer science for students that qualify – and have the ambition and aptitude to pursue such skills.

Where there is a will, iCode will give it a way!


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